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Our vision is not to be the biggest in our field by turnover, but to be the market leader in respect of quality, value for money and customer service

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Keith Walton Brickwork Ltd was incorporated in 1985 as a natural progression from Keith Walton’s original partnership Walton Construction Company, a labour-only subcontractor working throughout the North West and West Yorkshire for national and regional contractors.

In 1991 Keith became aware of the trend in the South for main contractors to seek “full package” supply and fix subcontractors to carry out their brickwork, blockwork and stonework and felt it was a route he should follow sooner rather than later.

The Management of the Company was thus expanded to facilitate the new “Complete Package” supply and furthermore to aid expansion of the existing business and to develop in-house systems regarding Health and Safety, Quality and Procurement that would sustain a change in business direction towards offering full supply and fix packages.

The current management team at Keith Walton Brickwork benefits from a mix of professionals and tradesmen with varied backgrounds, including bricklayers, site engineers, project managers, and quantity surveyors all with diverse experience in different industry sectors.  Promotions from within our workforce are a key factor in our development and bring pride, loyalty, and stability to our business.  For example, many of our site supervisors were originally employed as bricklayers.  We have found that training our staff in this manner has produced a well-rounded, motivated and stable workforce.

Our vision for the future is to continue to consolidate our relationship with respected business clients whilst seeking carefully controlled growth. Growth will be strictly linked to our capacity to manage that growth using proven human resources.  

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